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Insulation Value
GALACTI-KOTE® FIBERED ELASTOMERIC COATING has excellent insulating value, which will help keep energy costs down.

Tensile Strength
GALACTI-KOTE® FIBERED ELASTOMERIC COATING has incorporated the most advanced product technology; this includes the incorporation of DuPont™ KEVLAR® aramid fibers. These fibers give this product tremendous tensile strength as well as excellent flexibility.

GALACTI-KOTE® FIBERED ELASTOMERIC COATING adheres well over metal, built-up, asphalt shingle, concrete and foam roofs. Also, it adheres to most single ply, modified bitumen and many other roof coatings.

Versatility In Application
GALACTI-KOTE® FIBERED ELASTOMERIC COATING may be applied with airless spray equipment, roller, or brush.

Technical Data
Vehicle Base - 100% acrylic resin
Viscosity - 101 Krebs Units
Pounds per gallon - 11.6 +/- 0.2
Solids by weight - 66% +/- 2%
Solids by Volume - 53% +/- 2%
Application Temperature - Surface Temperature greater than 55°F
Dry Film Thickness 25 mils - 2 ½ Gal/Sq. 4-6 hours for light traffic. At 77°F and 50% relative humidity. Cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity may retard drying.
Flow of cured film at 160° F - None
PH - 9.0±0.2
Reflectivity - 86%
Tensile Strength - 347 psi Initial- 893 psi 1,000 hrs CON_UV
Elongation - 200% Initial – 141% 1,000 hrs CON_UV
VOC - 50 g/l
Fire Rated - Class “A” ASTM E108-88a CAN/S107-M87 and UL 790


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