Elastomeric Deck Coatings

 What Makes Galacti-Kote® Different?

High Concentration Of Resins

Most elastomeric deck coatings consist of one or two polymers (co-polymer).

Galacti-Kote® elastomeric coating incorporates the highest quality resins. It is a modified acrylic coating made from a blend of styrene co-polymers (2) with an acrylic emulsion ter-polymer (3) for a total of five (5) different polymers.

With a high concentration of resins, this coating will remain flexible without deteriorating or cracking. In other products that use clay and other fillers the results differ drastically.

KEVLAR® Fibers

To increase tensile strength and durability, Galacti-Kote® incorporates DuPont™ KEVLAR® Aramid Fibers into its coating; thus the name “fibered” elastomeric coating.


For a bright and highly reflective capability as well as insulating value, the addition of space age ceramics has been added. They serve much the same purpose that ceramic tiles do on space shuttles.

This space age technology of incorporating ceramics into our coating gave birth to the name “Galacti-Kote®”.Elastomeric Deck Coating


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