Three Light In Solar Energy

Total Solar Energy

Light Wave Lengths
Ultraviolet Light= 5% 100-400 nanometers
Visible Light= 45% 400-700 nanometers
Infrared= 50% 700-2400 nanometers


Ultraviolet (UV)
Invisible light rays normally not damaging to inorganic materials such as roof coatings, but is damaging to organic materials such as human skin.

Very destructive to roof coatings. The greater percentage of reflectivity the less degradation and heat build up. It is in this wave length (400-700 nanometers) where polymers in a roof coating are subject to degradation.

This light is not damaging to the polymers in a roof coating but can be absorbed and turn into heat. For conductive heat flow this is the most important light wave (700-2400 nanometers).

Reflectivity Tests
There are ASTM Tests that will measure the percentage of reflectivity of a roof coating at a given dry mil thickness after being exposed for a given period of time to Solar Energy.

ASTM D1729 and ASTM E97
These tests measure the Visible Light reflectance of a coating (400-700 nanometers).

GALACTI-KOTE® FIBERED ELASTOMERIC COATING is one of the brightest pure white coatings available on the market today. As a result of space age technology in developing ceramic component GALACTI-KOTE® has a reflectance greater than 86%.


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