Elastomeric Deck Coating - Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions For Applying A Water Based Elastomeric Deck Coating

When daytime temperatures range from 75°F-100°F and relative humidity (R.H.) is 50% or less, you can expect a water based elastomeric deck coating such as Galacti-Kote® applied at approximately 40-45 wet mils to cure within three days.

It is very important that the coating has cured before being subjected to inclement weather.

Longer curing time than three days may be needed if either the daytime temperatures fall below 75°F, relative humidity exceeds 50% and/or wet mil thickness is greater than approximately 40-45 wet mils.

As the temperature increases beyond 75°F and relative humidity remains at 50% or less curing time may decrease from three days to as low as one day.

Moisture from early morning dew, high relative humidity such as fog and precipitation combined with daytime temperatures falling well below 75°F will prevent the coating from properly curing.

For Example: Fall and winter months with daytime temperatures in the 50°F’s, heavy moisture from dew in the morning, overcast skies combined with occasional fog will actually dilute the coating thus inhibiting its curing process.

Instead of the moisture within the coating evaporating out into the atmosphere thus allowing the coating to properly cure. It will take in moisture preventing the coating from curing and setting up. The results can be very disappointing. Elastomeric Deck Coating - Weather Conditions

Below is a graph to help guide you in determining how long you should expect this coating to set up and cure given certain weather conditions:

a) n Wet mil thickness 40-45 mils.
b) Relative humidity 50% or less.
c) r Wet mil thickness 27 mils.

Daytime Temperatures

Note: If wet mil thickness is greater than 45 mils and/or relative humidity is greater than 50% it will take longer for the coating to cure.


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